Pupil Tracking

Pupil Tracking is part of the Sims programme at The Barlow and offers an printed reporting system which allows teachers to monitor pupils' progress towards their individual targets and produce regular reports for parents.

New Grading System

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The Sims Programme

  • Assessment takes place in school every term
  • Staff analyse results of individual pupils
  • Pupils review their own progress
  • Intervention strategies are put in place
  • Review of targets and impact of interventions
  • Engage parents


Our pupils complete a tracking assessment each term. The results are entered into Pupil tracking system by their class teacher and compared to their targets.

Staff Review assessment results

The assessment allows the teachers to see how each pupil is progressing. They then use a Traffic Light Colour Coded System to reflect pupils' progress in each of the subjects they study. Silver shows that a child is above target, green means they are on target, amber shows they are just below target and red, that they are below target. This system allows parents to see the developments made by their child and/or identify any areas of weakness.

Pupils review their progress

Pupils complete their 'Progress Grids' in their planners to ensure they are aware of the progress they are making towards their target grade. The 'Traffic Light' system gives them the incentive to achieve and encourages them to work harder.  

Intervention strategies are put in place

Following the results of the assessments, teachers are able to look at how they can challenge the underperformance of pupils and ensure those who are achieving, continue to do so. Subject teachers, Faulty Leaders, Pupil Learning Coordinators and the Pupil Progress Panel may be involved in creating and implementing intervention strategies.

Review targets / impact

Our teachers compare tracking data between assessments to ensure the intervention strategies are effective and that pupils are making the expected progress.  Staff can increase a pupil's target level if they regularly achieve over and above their current target.

Engage Parents

  • Parents can interact with their child's tracking data
  • Parents receive a paper based tracking report after each assessment
  • Parents are invited to attend an annual Parents' Evening to discuss their child's progress