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British Values Week & Non Uniform Day

British Values Week - Non-Uniform Day

'British Values Week' which is being held at The Barlow the week beginning Monday 21st May, ties in with the one year anniversary of the Manchester bombing.  During the week we have a series of activities going on which will help our community commemorate those who were affected by the tragic events that evening.

On Tuesday 22nd May pupils will have an extended Family Time with their Family Tutor in order to reflect upon the one year anniversary of the attack.  During this session, pupils will complete some display work linked to the theme of "I love Manchester".  The display work will be used to create 'Trees of Hope' around school, echoing the trail that Manchester City Council have set up. The Chapel will also be open on this day and there will be a memorial book that we will encourage staff and pupils to sign.   Please have a look at our website to see an overview of what other activities are planned.

As part of the week, there will be a non-uniform day for pupils in Year 7 to Year 10.  This will take place on Friday 25th May 2018.  Pupils are asked to pay £1 to wear something red, white or blue; money raised will be for our community.

With thanks for your ongoing support.