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Non-Uniform Day

British Values Week - Non-Uniform Day 'British Values Week' which is being held at The Barlow the week beginning Monday 21st May, ties in with the one year anniversary of the Manchester bombing.  During the week we have a series of activiti...



Anniversary of the Manchester Arena Attack

Manchester City Council's plans to mark the 22 May anniversary of the Arena attack There are five main elements to the commemoration, in this spirit, the commemoration programme is based around two themes: Remembrance; Reflection and Celebra...

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Big Bang Science Fair Birmingham

The Science Department took 42 pupils to the Big Bang Science Fair in Birmingham. Students really enjoyed getting involved with interesting science experiments and workshops. It was also a good opportunity to inspire careers in STEM (science,...

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Headteacher's End of Term Letter - March 2018

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Non Uniform Day

Wednesday 28th March Non-Uniform Day £1 Parents/carers on Wednesday 28th March we will be having a non-uniform day to help raise money for Caritas' annual St Joseph's Penny appeal. Click below for more information: https://www.caritassa...