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High Achievers At The Barlow RC High School

Students this year have had great success in their GCSE's with a significant number achieving an impressive 139 top GCSE grades, 55 A*'s and 84 A's, upholding our school motto "if you believe you can achieve".

The Barlow High School Head Teacher, Claire McCarron, commented: "This is a superb set of results. This reflects both the hard work of our students, and the level of support they have received from staff and parents throughout their time at the school. Achieving excellent results at GCSE level is a great foundation on which young people can build future success at A-level, at university and in their chosen careers."

 "I am very pleased with my results, I did a lot better than I expected." Scarlett Hollings, Year 11.




Breakfast @TheBarlowRC Breakfast is available from 7.40am  - 8.15 am each morning Breakfast options include: Branded cereal - fruit - fruit boxes -yoghurts  toast - crumpets - bagels - egg muffins - bacon butties hot and cold...

Trafford College Open Event


Careers News

Terence Paul Apprenticeship Event Tuesday 21st February 2017 Apprenticeship event @ Terence Paul Academy in Stockport to look at Hairdressing apprenticeships for 2017.



Stars of the Week

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Raffle Prize Donations from the Community

A Big Thank You to the following businesses from our community for making generous donations for the raffle at our Community Party for Seniors...

Winning Design


Christmas Card Competition

Winning Christmas Card Design, Niamh Burn Year 7 above. Click here to view all the Christmas Card design entries for 2016.