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Physical Education

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"Our aim is to ensure that all pupils engage in a range of physical activities that they enjoy and they achieve success in. " -

Mrs E Holland and Miss L Quartey-Papafio, Faculty Leaders

The PE Faculty offers a wide range of sports through the curriculum and through extra curricular clubs.  We encourage all pupils to take part in extra curricular activities regardless of ability.  Pupils get a 'sports credit' for every club they attend and for those with the most at the end of term there is the chance to attend a reward trip.  A number of our pupils have been selected to represent Manchester, Greater Manchester, North West and England in a variety of sports. 

Student Feedback

"There are so many sports to choose from after school, I love it."

 "Lessons are lots of fun and we do lots of different sports.  You learn lots of new skills.  I like rugby best."

Extra-curricular Activities

Our enrichment activities contribute to learners' enjoyment and achievement. Our lunchtime and after-school sports clubs are available to all; an open door policy is a key element of the PE faculty's ethos. We run a reward system for all pupils who attend extra-curricular clubs or represent the school in competitive sports. Pupils accumulate sports credits for each appearance and those who achieve 20 credits are invited to attend a sports credit trip. Previous sports credit trips have included yachting, canoeing, climbing, paintballing, ice-skating and laser tag.

Our staff

  • Ms E Holland (Faculty Leader)
  • Miss L Quartey-Papafio (Faculty Leader, Transition Coordinator)
  • Mr A Greenlees (Deputy Faculty Leader)
  • Mrs J Bowyer (Key Stage 4 Coordinator)
  • Miss Jessica Davies (MLC)
  • Mr C Farrell-Jarvis
  • Mr S Roberts

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