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"The aim of the Humanities Faculty is to open the eyes  of our pupils to events in the present and past so that they are fully prepared for the future." -

Mr A Hardy, Faculty Leader

Curriculum breakdowns:



Useful Websites

Geography Past Papers - follow the link for Geography Specification A

Student Feedback

"As a result of studying Geography I now want to teach the subject myself."

For the Curriculum breakdown for History please: click here

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Edexcel History

Student Feedback

"GCSE History has been really enjoyable.  I am now planning to study AS History at College."

Leisure & Tourism is studied, as an Option, at KS4

Leisure & Tourism follows the Edexcel syllabus.  For the Single Award, pupils complete two units of study.  For the Double Award, pupils complete four units of study.

  • Unit 1: Leisure & Tourism Industry - How it works, why it is expanding, jobs, influences on customer choice, sustainable development of tourist resorts.
  • Unit 2: Sales promotion and operations in the Leisure & Tourism industry.  Pupils study an organisation and look at sales and promotion within that organisation.
  • Unit 3: (Double Award) Leisure & Tourism environment - especially UK tourist destinations and the impact of tourism in these areas.
  • Unit 4: (Double Award) Customer Service and Customer Choice:  How different needs are met.

Useful Websites

Edexcel Leisure & Tourism

Student Feedback

"Leisure & Tourism has inspired me to pursue a career in the Hospitality industry."

Extra-Curricular Activities

There are a variety of opportunities for enhanced learning within the faculty. This includes include the joint Geography and History 'Humanities Club' which runs at lunchtime to expand pupils' understanding of both disciplines, revision and booster sessions in advance of exams and annual educational visits to places like Conwy Castle, the Imperial War Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, Holocaust Memorials and to theatrical performances linked to GCSE History, to build upon and enrich pupils' learning.

Our Staff

  • Mr A Hardy (Faculty Leader)
  • Ms E Woodward (Deputy Faculty Leader)
  • Mr S Platt (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mrs C Iddon (Key Stage 3 Coordinator)
  • Miss C Livingstone (HOY11)
  • Mr J Nassif

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