Design Technology

Curriculum Overview

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"Providing creative, practical learning experiences and skills to take pupils into adult life." -

Mr P Frame, Faculty Leader

'Design and Technology is about making things that people want and work well.  Creating these things is hugely exciting.  It is an inventive and fun activity' - James Dyson - British Industrial Designer, Inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner.

As a Design and Technology team, we endeavour to prepare pupils to participate in a rapidly changing society.  In our subject, pupils learn to think creatively and solve problems.  They learn to work independently and as part of a team.

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Student Feedback

"DT is fun because we learn how to make lots of different things and it's great because we get to take them home."

Pupils at KS3 are taught on a carousel, where they study materials, textiles, graphics and food. At the end of year 8 pupils will have the option study GCSE Product Design Materials, Textiles or Food and BTEC Engineering.


  • GCSE Product Design (materials, textiles & food) Exam board AQA.
  •  BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Certificate in Engineering Exam board Edexcel.

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  • 'Dress a girl around the world' textiles club ran Wednesdays 2.30 - 3.30

Our Staff

  • Mr P Frame (Faculty Leader)
  • Mr J Tilbury (Deputy Faculty Leader)
  • Ms L Denton (HoY 8)
  • Miss K Mioran

Year 7 & 8

Pupils will complete the below projects over KS3, along with Product Design theory.

  • Materials - Car project and box
  • Textiles - Phone sock and Pop Art juggling bags.
  • Food - Food and Nutrition
  • Graphics - Drawing skills and perfume bottle design.

KS4Product Design

Pupils specialise in their chosen area of materials, textiles or food. They will develop a product, which they design and make. They also create a portfolio to support the products development. They will study topics including: design and Market Influences, processes and Manufacture and materials and components.


Pupils study a variety of topics including; Health and safety, casting products, investigating and engineered product, mathematics in engineering and CAD CAM engineering.


 To find out more about the subject and course options please contact admin@thebarlowrchigh.co.uk