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The Computing Faculty

Curriculum Overview

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"Prepare pupils for success in a digital world of Coding, Information Technology and Business." -

Mrs L Wood, Faculty Leader

The Computing Faculty has a strong, enthusiastic, innovative team of teachers who aim to engage all pupils in learning the importance of  Computer Science, Information Technology and Busniess, today and for their future.  With a substantial investment in the IT infrastructure pupils are provided with fast, reliable  and current technology for learning. In Key Stage 3 we aim to educate pupils in digital literacy, IT and computer science so that pupils can experience the breadth of the Computing Curriculum. 


Studying Computer Science at Key Stage 4

Computer Science is one of the four sciences your child can study at The Barlow. Computer Science provides the opportunity for pupils to use their mathematical and logical minds to solve problems. Whether they want to be a biochemist, engineer or develop a killer application GCSE Computer Science will provide them with a valuable qualification.

Studying Business at Key Stage 4

If you child is interested in setting up their own business and be a successful entrepreneur like Alan Sugar or Levis Roots or would you like to go and be a manager for a large business like John Lewis or M&S or if they have you got an interest in the news and how the government and their policies affect their life then maybe GCSE Business is the subject for them.

Studying IT at Key Stage 4

From personal computers to smartphones, from apps to websites, all of our lives, every day, are enhanced through the use of ICT. The new Cambridge Nationals in ICT reflect this and provide students with a solid foundation for understanding and applying this subject in their future working lives.


Our Staff

  • Ms L Wood (Faculty Leader)
  • Mrs M Starkey (Deputy Faculty Leader)
  • Mr C Enright

Recommended Books

Computer Science:

Extra-curricular activities

Our pupils are invited to Computing, IT and Enterprise clubs and activities throughout the school year.  These give pupils the opportunity to improve their understanding of key concepts or get involved in projects. We are planning to run external visits for Computer Science, Business and IT to help pupils learn through practical experiences. We are part of the Hour of Code project allowing pupils to demonstrate their coding skills.


We recruit for Digital and enterprise leaders to help with school projects. This is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to work as a team and demonstrate their leadership and creative qualities. 

Useful Websites

Pupils are also encouraged to be independent, creative and analytical thinkers by using opportunities at home to extend their knowledge. We recommend the following websites: - Pupils can practice and extend their understanding of key programming skills. - There is a range of additional support material here. Pupils should access this site using the login they have set up in school. Pupils can also celebrate their successes by showing off the digital badges they have been awarded. - This has a range of Computing, IT and Business activities and tests - A great bank of interactive and visual resources to support independent, out of school learning - As your teacher for a username and password - All homework is recorded on this site


Examination Boards

Computing (Year 11 only) OCR Computing and OCR Computing 9-1

IT  (Year 11 only Edexcel Information Communications System) and OCR Cambridge Nationals ICT

Business (Year 11 only) AQA Business and Communication Systems and Business Studies


Student Feedback

Computer Science

"I have really enjoyed Computer Science this year. I have made a chatbot and mobile phone app and learnt how a computer works"

"Computer Science is great, I love problem solving, it has helped me with my Maths"

"I have loved my lesson, especially learning about how stuff works"


 "ICT is good and will help me when I am older. It has showed me how to make things properly and will help me when I get a good job" 

 "In ICT I have been creative, learnt how to use ICT in a business and made some great graphics and animations"


"I really want to learn what it's like in a business. I am excited about being part of a team and maybe being an enterprise leader"

"Move over Lord Sugar, here I come"


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