Student Working

House System

In September 2012, The Barlow introduced a new House System. Students are placed in one of three Houses (Faith, Hope or Charity) which are each represented by a colour and a symbol. When they join the school, each student is given a badge which shows the House they are in. Each Family Group elects a House Captain. 

  • Family Groups B and L - Faith, Yellow, Cross
  • Family Groups A and O - Hope, Blue, Anchor
  • Family Groups R and W - Charity, Red, Heart

Students are given opportunities to cheer each other on in many different activities, competing across all Year Groups to represent and win points for their House. By engaging with a range of year groups, positive self-esteem amongst students, team skills, leadership and cooperation is developed and the school community is brought together.

Students gain House Points for good behaviour and for their achievements. Points are awarded to competition winners in contests across the curriculum and are used to encourage charity fundraising. Students quickly form an allegiance to their House. The system helps create a caring and supportive environment, encourages healthy competition, creates a sense of fun and helps develop positive attitudes within our students.

House points are added together and the House with the most points at the end of each term wins the competition. The winning House receives a reward; the most recent prize was a Film Afternoon.