Nurture Group

The Nurture Group is a small Year 7 class which provides a safe and structured environment designed to increase access to learning for children who are often marginalised. It provides an extended transition period for pupils who may find it difficult moving from primary to secondary school.

As well as developing curriculum-based skills, young people in the Nurture Group are encouraged to celebrate their progress as they acquire and develop their listening, sharing and turn-taking skills that will help reduce or remove barriers to learning.

The small class size of up to 12 is educationally designed to give pupils experience in group activities. The Nurture Group helps improve pupils' self-management behaviours, social skills, self-awareness and confidence and their skills for learning. 

The group has one main Teacher who teaches English, Maths, RE, History and Geography.  This is done with the support of a Teaching Assistant.  For the rest of the subjects, the pupils mix with the mainstream and are supported by Teaching Assistants.  This encourages the pupils to engage socially as well as academically with the wider school. 

Studies of Nurture Groups show that a large majority of nurture pupils successfully returned to mainstream education. The research also demonstrates that schools with nurture groups show significant improvement in outcomes for all pupils. Pupils learn skills that help them cope with the transition to high school and to a larger working environment. They are then fully placed in mainstream classes at Easter, supported by the class teacher and teaching assistant.