SEN, Support & Care

"The school nurtures partnerships at both academic and pastoral levels, ensuring that students' needs are met. The good levels of care, guidance and support are based firmly on the school's basic principle that 'Everyone is a unique creation of God'. Systems to collate and act upon pastoral information ensure swift and effective intervention and support whenever identified."  - Ofsted

From the programmes and activities that help pupils settle into school life to the support structures and initiatives that nurture their development, pupils at The Barlow benefit from outstanding pastoral care and support. 

Family Groups

Care, support and guidance are organised through the Year Group structure. Each school year is split into families and each group is allocated a Family Tutor. Pupils constantly tell us how their school families offer support and help create a community spirit in school. The families meet up at the end of each school day, at a time when they are able to reflect on their experiences and raise any concerns. The Family Tutor is often regarded as their main source of support. Each Year Group has a Head of Year who helps individual teachers facilitate pastoral activities and give support.

Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs Policy

Local Offer Information

For Information on Information, Advice and Support (IAS) Manchester

The Barlow RC High School SEND Information Report 2015


The school provides support to pupils with special educational needs and those who are experiencing barriers to learning. This is achieved through a variety of programmes. We work with all members of staff in the school as well as a range of outside agencies to enable all identified pupils to achieve their potential. We work closely with parents and carers to develop personalised learning programmes for their children.

The Learning Support Faculty plays a major part in the school's aim to be a fully inclusive school. We operate a system of in-class support and withdrawal which enables all pupils to access the curriculum. Pupils are supported by the learning support faculty on a full or part-time basis according to their identified needs. Year 7 has a group which provides a safe and structured environment designed to increase access to learning for children who are often marginalised or who may have difficulty settling in to secondary school life. The Pupil Learning Support Faculty encourages parents and carers to get involved in their child's individual programme and  may invite them to regular reviews. Parents and carers are also asked to contact the school SENCO if they have any concerns regarding their child's learning needs.

Types of Support available:

  • In-class support
  • Withdrawal for direct teaching or specific programmes
  • Small group work
  • Key Skills/Study Skills
  • One to One
  • Anger Management
  • Self-Esteem