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Section 48 Report

All Church schools have a Section 48 inspection following their Ofsted inspection. Section 48 inspects Religious Education provision, collective worship and effectiveness as a church school.

Section 48 Inspections are carried out in accordance with Section 48 of the Education Act 2005 by accredited National Society inspectors who spend the equivalent of one day in school talking with children and adults and gaining evidence as to how church schools meet the needs of their learners.

Here are some quotes from our 2011 Section 48 report:

"The Barlow is a good Catholic school in which, since the recent appointment of the current Headteacher, there has been a reinvigoration of its Catholic Life. The quality of leadership and management which has made this happen, including the contribution made by governors is now outstanding and its work is having a significant positive impact so that, for example, the provision for the prayer life of the school, well supported by its chaplaincy, is also now outstanding."

"Pupils have developed a strong sense of the school's Catholic mission because of their involvement in recent discussions about its Catholic ethos and because they are kept well informed about it."

"A strong sense of community goes well beyond the school itself. This is well exemplified by pupils' generous commitment to charitable activity, locally for example through fund raising for St Joseph's Penny and the Cornerstones project as well as further afield in helping to support the work of a Bolivian orphanage."

"Pupils treat each other with high levels of respect: "We all get on well with each other". They are quite clear that this is an inclusive school where pupils look after each other, feel very safe and differences of any kind are respected The school is keen to gather parents views and the results of the most recent survey indicate a very positive appreciation of the Catholic life of the school."