Family Groups & Family Tutors

All our Year Groups are divided into smaller Family Groups. Each Family Group is named using the number relating to the school year of the pupil, followed by a letter which corresponds to the spelling of 'Barlow', e,g 7R or 9L. Family Tutors are responsible for the initial pastoral care of their pupils and meet with them daily during Family Time. With 180 students in each Year, there are approximately 30 students in each Family Group. The older year groups also have intervention groups which provide extra support in Maths and English. Students may be moved in and out of this groups depending on their progress.

Year 7

Head of Year - Miss L Seggie

  • 7B    Mr J Tilbury
  • 7A    Miss C Ruane/Miss L Quartey-Papfio
  • 7R    Mrs D Zhu
  • 7L    Mr J Nassif
  • 7O   Mrs R Phillips
  • 7W   Mrs L Vertity
  • 7H    Miss L Hayes
  • 7S    Ms L Frank

Year 8

Head of Year - Miss L Denton

  • 8B     Mr P Frame
  • 8A     Mrs G Blake
  • 8R     Mr J Tapster
  • 8L     Ms L Viarisio
  • 80     Mr S Roberts
  • 8W    Mrs H Pilkington

Year 9

Head of Year - Mr P Hancock

  • 9B     Mr R Power
  • 9A     Ms V Catcheside
  • 9R     Mr D Green
  • 9L     Mrs A McCreesh
  • 90     Mr N Carr
  • 9W    Mr C Enright

Year 10

Head of Year - Mr R Anderson-Fitter

  • 10B     Mr A Wall
  • 10A     Mr A Casey
  • 10R     Miss M Ijaz
  • 10L     Mr C Toal
  • 10O    Mr A Greenlees
  • 10W    Mrs E WoodwardMrs H Bremmner

Year 11

Head of Year - Mrs M Burton

  • 11EN1   Mrs S Turner
  • 11EN2   Ms D Keenan
  • 11EN3   Mr O Holmes
  • 11EN4   Mr L Davies
  • 11MA1   Mr G Tomlinson
  • 11MA2   Ms S Brennan
  • 11MA3   Mr D Crehan
  • 11MA4   Mr C Chilvers
  • 11MA5   Mrs J Johnson/Mrs C Sutton
  • 11SC1   Mr A Sirrett
  • 11SC2   Miss A Brazil
  • 11SC3   Mrs A Keegan
  • 11SC4   Mrs S Hardy