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Chaplaincy News

Chaplaincy News March 17


Our Chaplaincy contributes to the development of the school as a Christian community by offering spiritual guidance to pupils and staff. Through the Chaplaincy, we provide help, support, encouragement and care to help ensure that The Barlow is a happy, spiritual place in which to learn and grow in faith.

Chaplaincy Co-ordinator: Mrs C Lutman (Acting Chaplaincy Coordinator)
Priest: Fr B Wilson 

What does the Chaplaincy offer?

The Chaplaincy provides a unique opportunity to promote the teachings of Christ in a relevant and meaningful way, encouraging the involvement and participation of staff and pupils in the liturgical life of the school. Mrs Bridle, our Chaplaincy Coordinator is responsible for promoting the Catholic ethos of the school community by organising and delivering a programme of collective worship, special masses and liturgies. She also works closely with every year group, supporting them spiritually and pastorally. Our pupils have the opportunity to get involved in charity work and can join our SVP and Fusion groups to offer their support to the local community.

How we use our Chapel:

  • The chapel is open Thursday and Friday lunchtimes every week so that pupils can come freely to pray and have some quiet time to reflect.
  • During the months of May and October a decade of the rosary is led by our chaplaincy pupils every lunchtime in the chapel.
  • We have form liturgies during family time in the chapel. This is often led by the family tutor which allows the form to take part in collective worship together in a quiet and reflective environment.
  • The chapel is also used by our RE staff at times during lesson time. Re-enactments of baptisms and wedding ceremonies always prove popular with the pupils and it is a great way to enrich their learning.

Collective Worship is Important

Although we have our chapel in which to celebrate collective worship, as a school we build in other opportunities too. We regularly take groups across to Mass in our local parish church St Catherine's. Year groups go across to join the local congregation for the daily Mass most Fridays and we often celebrate some of our special Masses such as our Leaver's Mass there. It is an opportunity for our pupils to see that they are part of a wider Catholic community and they enjoy taking time out of their busy school day to worship and reflect. Similarly, we have a prayer bell that rings twice a day to signal the start of prayer time. The sound of the bell unites all of our pupils as whatever lesson they are in stops and their act of worship for that morning or afternoon takes place. 

Extra-Curricular Experiences through Chaplaincy:

At the Barlow, we are always seeking ways to develop and nurture the whole person. We are inspired by Christ, "I have come that you may have life and have it to the full" John 10:10. We build in opportunities for our young people to be a witness to their faith beyond their school community.

Chappel Wedding 1 Chapel Wedding 2

The Annual Marian Procession

Every year a number of pupils from different year groups and some staff represent the Barlow at the Marian Procession for our deanery in October. We walk alongside our fellow Catholic schools as well as the clergy and the lay people of the parish and it is always a thought provoking occasion when we recognise that we are part of a wider community of Catholics. We are proud that several of our pupils represent the altar servers and they walk alongside other young people who serve their parishes every week at Mass.

Marian Procession Marian Procession 2 Marian Procession 3 Marian Procession 4

Fundraising and Community Initiatives

We work closely with our local communities in order to follow Christ's teachings to help others. For example, every year our pupils help to run the hot pot lunch at St Catherine's local parish in order to raise money for the Bolivian orphanage that we support. It is a good opportunity to come together with the local parishioners.

Senior Citizen's Party 1 Senior Citizen's Party 2

Our Roman Adventure

Last year we ran a very successful trip to Rome for Key Stage Three. It was an unforgettable experience for our young people who visited some of the most important sites for our Church. It was a cross curricular trip that enriched their knowledge of RE, history and geography whilst being an opportunity to take part in collective worship alongside people from all nationalities. This was a truly memorable and life enriching experience that we plan to offer to more of our pupils in the future.

Rome Trip 1 Rome Trip 2

10/10 Theatre Company

Each year we book a visit from the 10/10 Theatre Company and this always proves popular with our young people. They are a professional Catholic theatre company and hold sessions with students that consist of the performance of a play connected to Sex and Relationship Education, followed by discussion and reflection led by a professional facilitator. The theme is chosen so that it is appropriate to each year group that watch the performance (Years 8, 9 and 10). It is an experience that has been endorsed by three bishops and one that provokes a good deal of thought and discussion every time. 

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