Behaviour & Detentions

The Barlow Behaviour for Learning:

Behaviour for Learning

The Barlow Sanctions:

Behaviour for Learning Sanctions

N3 Detentions:

If your child has a detention, the first contact listed in our information system will receive a text message notifying them of the detention the day before it takes place. The first contact is the person you listed as first contact in the data pack you completed on admission.

If you need additional information about a set detention you can contact school and the teacher that set the detention will call you back within the 48 hrs. 

Contact the Deputy Headteachers when you receive your notification or before 12.00pm on the detention day if:

If your child receives a detention and due to unforeseen circumstances you need to change that detention.

If you have a concern about the detention being issued that needs to be addressed before the detention takes place.

Late Detentions:

If your child is late they will receive a 30 minute detention. You will receive a text message notification on the same day.


At the Barlow RC High School we recognise that students do their best when they have a clear targets and a strong system which rewards success.

We have the following reward systems in place:

  • Barlow Stars - Teachers nominate a student each week to be a 'Barlow Star' the students are recognised in a presentation given during Family Time and are awarded a reward for their achievement. At the end of the school year the overall 'Barlow Star' winner recieves a certificate and a prize
  • Attendance rewards - Family groups that recieve 100% attendance are rewarded and students that have 100% attendance for a full term recieve an reward and a certificate.
  • Other rewards include - rewards trips and in house activities

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