Art Ex 1

Annual Art and Design Exhibition 2016

The Barlow RC High School held their Annual Art and Design Exhibition on 14th June. The event was highly successful and very well attended by all members of the school community, who came together to celebrate the talents and achievements of the Year 11 GCSE Art and Design and Graphics students. As ever the quality of work exhibited was outstanding and the evening was enhanced by the quality of live music performed by students and Mr Barker.

Arts Faculty Leader Ms Catcheside said, "It has taken a great deal of hard work from pupils and staff for the exhibition to be such a success. As a school we recognise the importance of celebrating the achievements of our pupils and The Arts has always been an area where pupils at The Barlow excel".

Quotes from the Visitors Book;

"Truly inspirational! Well done to everyone involved in producing such a high standard of work. I've had such a lovely evening taking it all in!!!"

 Bridie Adams (School Governor)

" I can tell that all the staff and students have loved every minute working on these wonderful projects. I am really inspired it makes me feel like going back to school and doing Art again! Well done to all of you!

F. Lovell  (Parent)

"It's so nice to see the result of two years hard work. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's work!"

Britney Ankrah- Head Girl (Art student)