Facilities & Resources

The school has excellent facilities for supporting high quality teaching and pupil involvement. Our classrooms have been upgraded to offer interactive technology which allows pupils access to a wealth of 21st century resources. Our classooms have interactive whiteboards (IWB) which all connect to a computer and projector. The projector shows the computer's screen on the board's surface where users can control the computer using their finger, pen or stylus, enabling teachers to share information in an effective, clear and interactive manner.

In addition to classrooms, we have seven science laboratories, a sports hall, gym and astro turf pitch, a purpose-built drama hall, Computing suites and a Learning Resource Centre. Many of these facilities are new as they have been constructed or renovated as part of the Building Schools for the Future project.

Interactive white board in a classroom & Apple Macs in the City Learning Centre

  Open Plan Class   CLC

Computing Usage Information

We issue our students with guidelines regarding computer usage. Posters are displayed in Computing areas that state:

  • You are the responsible user
  • Keep your password safe and secure
  • Always lock the computer when leaving the workstation
  • The Internet is for educational use only
  • Report anything suspicious or of concern immediately to your teacher or the group leader
  • Mobile phones / digital media devices are banned from school
  • Taking photographs with any digital media device is forbidden
  • Visit for more information

Science Lab and Equipment

Lab Equipment   Lab Small