Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is situated on the first floor of the school. It is spacious and well-lit so is perfect for research, study or quiet reading. It is a whole-school resource that aims to support both pupils and staff and is used for lessons, mentoring sessions, reading groups, workshops, events and meetings.

 Our aim is to:

  • Provide resources for lessons, research, homework and study
  • Encourage and develop the reading habit and help raise literacy levels

The LRC maintains close links with all faculties so that we can provide books for loan and research that are relevant to the topics taught in school. We work closely with the English Faculty to produce reading lists for all year groups and to promote reading for pleasure by holding a reading week during the Spring Term. 

 Pupils use the LRC to:

  • Borrow books
  • Use computers
  • Find information
  • Do their homework
  • Research a topic
  • Read a book
  • Buy stationery
  • Access careers information
  • Read a daily newspaper
  • Join a reading group
  • Play chess

We have 16 computers that can be used by pupils before, during and after school.  All the computers have Internet access and printing facilities.

ICT Usage Information

We issue our students with guidelines regarding computer usage. Posters are displayed in ICT areas that state:

  • You are the responsible user
  • Keep your password safe and secure
  • Always lock the computer when leaving the workstation
  • The Internet is for educational use only
  • Report anything suspicious or of concern immediately to your teacher or the group leader
  • Mobile phones / digital media devices are banned from school
  • Taking photographs with any digital media device is forbidden
  • Visit for more information

Accelerated Reader Programme

In September 2012, the English Faculty launched the Accelerated Reader Programme.  All Year 7 and a group of Year 9 students have a reading lesson in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) every week. They are encouraged to read books of their choice and then take an online quiz to check they have understood what they have read.

The Accelerated Reader computer programme keeps track of the students' reading habits, including the titles of the books, readability levels and their quiz scores. The software gives immediate feedback on each quiz to the children, teachers and librarians. This feedback helps the teachers guide students to books that provide the right level of challenge and motivates the children to continue reading.

There are quizzes on most of the books children are likely to want to read, from the most popular books, including the Harry Potter series, to classics such as Pride and Prejudice. The quiz results are displayed on a special star chart in the LRC.